Dieting and Exercising and Not Losing Weight? It Could be your Hormones!

Dieting and exercising and not losing weight? What gives? Well, it could be your hormones, and more specifically, imbalanced hormones. I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault!!! Hi, I’m Carrie, a fitness expert and personal trainer who can 100% relate.

Do me a favor, raise your hand (I know you might be reading this in a public place so, feel free to mentally raise your hand) if you can relate to the statement below:

“All of the sudden, I’m gaining weight out of nowhere, even though I’m hitting the gym faithfully and eating a healthy diet. And those extra pounds… they are not in ‘all the right places! On top of that, my mood is all over the place, I’m overly anxious, and I can’t sleep through the night. I even started experiencing hot flashes every now and then!!! I’m thinking, ‘What is going on with me? I’m too young to be in menopause!’ So, I go to my doctor, only to be told, ‘Just eat less and workout more,’ or ‘It’s your age, this is normal. Your blood work is fine.’”

If this is you, you are among the 75% of ALL women, over the age of 35 (sometimes younger) who have a hormone imbalance. And what you are experiencing is called either perimenopause or menopause. I’m also here to tell you, you are not alone and it’s not your fault and there is a natural solution to help reverse these symptoms.

Listen, that women in the quote above was me, about one year ago. Yes, Carrie Wightman, fitness guru and expert was gaining rapid weight, (especially in my mid-section) even though I was eating a clean diet and exercising regularly. I mean, let’s be honest I’m a fitness coach and trainer, so I’m working out multiple times a day and yet… I’m gaining weight. I was baffled. So, I did what many of you probably have, I went to my doctor. If fact, I went to several doctors. I was either told, what you might have been, that this is normal. I investigated other methods; specialists, and natural doctors only to be in sticker shocked of the cost to even have a consultation, not to mention how long it would take to be seen. I was beyond frustrated.

So, I kept digging. I started researching hormones and how they impact weight. And I came across a company called BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers. They specialize in natural hormone balancing for weight loss and overall hormone health. I was like, “This could the missing piece I’ve been looking for!” Sure, I was a little skeptical, like how could something completely naturally help balance my hormones and fix all of the things I was experiencing? But I pressed on. In fact, I remember a friend of mine who was going through a similar experience. She was always fit, and all of a sudden out of nowhere she gained around 20 pounds in a month. And a month later, it was gone, and she was glowing. I remember her telling me that she worked with a company called BeBalanced, and the light bulb went off.

It turns out there was a center near my house. I gave them a call and immediately was welcomed by a real human. I didn’t have to wait for an appointment, and I didn’t have to pay anything for a consultation. I scheduled my first appointment that week and went in. After about an hour of talking about what I was going through and hearing about what they do, I was sold. It made complete sense to me, and I was so excited to get started.

And, WOW, thank goodness I was wrong to be skeptical. In just one week, after joining BeBalanced I had dropped nearly 10 lbs. I mean that was crazy! I knew everything to do, I tried every diet out there, and nothing was working. I mean I might have lost a pound here and there, sure, but it just came back. Can you imagine how excited I was to step on the scale every day and it just kept going down. I was amazed. On top of that, I started sleeping better, my energy was higher, I had more focus, and the bloating I was experiencing just disappeared. just felt so much better overall, like I had gotten me back.

But then I started to panic. I thought, “Can I sustain this? Will the weight just come back like it had before? Will my hormone related symptoms return? Even though my coach, who was with me every step of the way, assured me it wouldn’t, I was nervous.

Well, I can safely say, 7 months later my weight is stabilized, my symptoms have not returned, and I can’t stop raving about my results and the support I have received.

In fact, I was so passionate about sharing this company with my clients and friends, that I co-hosted a live webinar with BeBalanced to share my story!

Listen, if you can relate to my story, I’m here to tell you, you need to check out BeBalanced.

Getting started is easy, just follow this link and enter your zip code. The closest BeBalanced center will pop up. And if there isn’t a center in driving distance, or you’d prefer to connect online, offer virtual consultations. This is a FREE consultation! And trust me, the knowledge you will receive alone is priceless

Once you meet with a coach at your consultation, they will work with you to create a custom program to help you reach your goals and be your partner to create a lifestyle plan so that you can live your best, most vibrant life, at ANY age.

To learn more about BeBalanced, check out their website at: You owe it to yourself to get answers, to find support, and to not feel alone. – Your partner in your fitness journey, Carrie!

Here’s what I learned.

Your hormones impact almost every function in your body, including your metabolism. And when even one hormone is out of balance, it causes a cascade of issues that only get worse (or different) in time. I learned that PMS is NOT normal… Common, yes, but not normal. I learned that STRESS was the main culprit for what I was experiencing. I learned that even though I was eating a healthy diet, there were certain foods that my body was sensitive to that caused inflammation and weight gain. I also learned that insulin is not only triggered by sugar, but by stress! I learned that over exercising was causing stress on my body! And above all I learned a simple effective way to reverse and correct all of this, naturally.

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